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Name:Chryseth Keenblaze
Chryseth Keenblaze is a roleplaying character on US-Wyrmrest Accord.

Physical description:
Young-looking. Smells of ozone and blasting powder. He's tall, even for a blood elf, and rail-thin. His hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail, held back by a leather thong; there are also two metal hairclips tucked in. One is cameo-style, with a relief of a happy smiling skull. The other is a dreaming glory made from a gemstone, wire loops, and mother-of-pearl.

His gaze skips around from one object of interest to another, assaulting the world with curiosity.

He carries an elven runeblade, and his hand is never far from its hilt. Its name is Soulspark.

His right wrist sports a bracelet made of bacula, dyed dark colors. Three of them are black. Hanging from his neck on a leather thong is a small, triangular piece of metal; sharp at the tip, jagged at the base, and blackened as though by fire.


Born to the younger son of a younger son of a minor noble and the woman who fell in love with him. Chryseth's arcane aptitude became apparent at a young age; his parents encouraged him to study magic, even going so far as to hire a private tutor to prepare the boy for later, more rigorous, study. When he was old enough, he was accepted into an academy in the city.

His teachers described him as "talented, but scatterbrained; not unintelligent, but not working up to his full potential." He described his teachers as "probably as smart as me but much more boring; I bet they're hiding the good stuff from me." Exactly what this "good stuff" was, he could never properly explain.

Whether or not he was working up to his full potential, Chryseth managed to earn a place as a prospective student in Dalaran. War broke out in earnest before he was due to begin his studies, rendering his would-be apprenticeship moot. He continued studying in Silvermoon, but when many of his teachers were needed for the war effort, there were some long holidays. Well, sort of holidays.

The war made life increasingly difficult, even though Chryseth was shielded from it as much as possible. Most of the seriousness of world events escaped him, though the burning of Eversong made a very strong impression on the boy.

After the Second War dragged to an end and things returned to normal, he got to go back to his studies with a great deal of relief. The years passed more or less quietly (aside from explosions and similar incidents) until the world ended.

The Third War, the razing of Silvermoon City, the destruction of the Sunwell, and the deaths of his parents along with most of the rest of the population left Chryseth with a broken and confusing world.

More sensible people might have reacted to this with sadness, depression, or at least a good mourning period. Or, as one of his friends from the academy put it in the last conversation they had, "I'm not going to die alone. I'll take out as many of them as I can with me." Chryseth moved forward as if he'd severed himself completely from the past, readily accepting the life of a refugee.

The scatterbrained boy was (mostly) gone, replaced by a young man who was oddly focused. Intent on experiencing as much as he could while it was possible.

Chryseth wanted to travel with Prince Kael'thas's group to the Outland, but was rejected due to his age and (probably more importantly) inexperience. Refusing to become discouraged, he poured his energies into reclaiming Eversong Wood and rebuilding Silvermoon City. After an abortive attempt at returning to his studies ("still not working up to his full potential; probably has emotional issues"), he decided to leave the city and seek knowledge in the real world.

The jury is still out on whether or not this was a good thing.
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